Primary Objectives of Host Organization  
1.  Exploration, Survey, Inventorying and Monitoring of faunal diversity in various States, Ecosystems and Protected areas of India.
2.  Taxonomic studies of all faunal components collected.
3.  Periodic review of the Status of Threatened and Endemic species.
4.  Preparation of Red Data Book, Fauna of India and Fauna of States.
5.  Bio ecological studies on selected important Communities/ species.
6.  Preparation of databases for the recorded species of the country.
7.  Maintenance & Development of National Zoological Collections.
8.  Training, Capacity Building and Human Resource Development.
9.  Faunal Identification, Advisory services and Library Services.
10.  Publication of results including Fauna of India and Fauna of States.

Secondary Objectives of Host Organization
1.  Environmental Impact Studies.
2.  Maintenance and Development of Museum at Headquarters and Regional Stations.
3.  Development of ENVIS and CITES Centers.
4.  Research Fellowship, Associateship and Emeritus Scientist Programmes.
5.  Collaborative research programmes on Biodiversity with other Organizations.
6.  GIS and Remote Sensing studies for animal diversity as well as for selected threatened species.
7.  Chromosomal Mapping and DNA finger printing.

Mandate of ENVIS Centre  
1.  To build up repositories and dissemination centers in various subject areas of Environment and Environmental engineering.
2.  To adopt modern technologies of information acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination
3.  To support and promote research, development and innovation in environmental information technology.